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“How To” For Healthier Kids

Now that we’ve discussed how to promote the adult immune system, it’s time to turn our attention to our children. A child’s immune system, as well as most brain function and intelligence, is developed most during the first six years of life. When the mother-to-be is devoted to eating healthy foods during the pregnancy she is nourishing the baby. The opposite, of course, is also true. Exposure to cleaning agents, chemicals, pesticides, food colorings, preservatives and environmental pollutants are the primary culprit to allergies, asthma, chronic colds, indigestion, ear aches, insomnia, sore throats, coughs and other respiratory problems….for the mother as well as the baby.

When babies are able to receive mother’s milk, the colostrum produced in the mother’s breasts 2-3 days after giving birth and before the onset of true lactation is rich in proteins, antibodies, minerals and natural immunity to infections. This provides an enormous boost at the onset of life, and particularly so if the mother has been conscientious of her and the baby’s health during the pregnancy.

Many children learn at an early age that they can manipulate their parents into allowing them to eat the foods they like versus some that are better, healthier choices. If a child’s diet consists only of colored, preserved, processed or fast foods the immune system can be jeopardized because their nutrition is compromised. Children actually consume more food and beverage than adults in relationship to their size, and they are therefore more susceptible to an accumulation of toxins as their bodies grow and develop. Chemicals and heavy metals (primarily from pesticides and car exhaust) inhaled, or ingested from fruits and vegetables, allow the toxins to cross the blood-brain barrier and impact a child’s concentration and behavior. When any substance enters the body that the body attempts to eradicate, the body creates mucous as a means of transport to carry the toxins out. If this process of creating mucous is continuous parents often look to medication to dry up the mucous or attempt to medicate the “allergy” instead of looking to the root of the problem. Most pediatricians are not able to identify such culprits as chemicals or toxins versus some bacterial or viral cause for mucous. Allergists employ a painful and tedious series of tests to identify molds, pollen, dander and other common allergy substances. Often such allergens are indeed something a child is exposed to, and yet probably not nearly as harmful to their immune system and health as chemicals and toxins ingested or inhaled on a daily basis.

The BodyScan, a quick, non-intrusive modality for testing the body for thousands of items, can not only identify molds, trees, weeds, pollen, dander and dust, but also identify for parasites, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, food allergies, and much more. When children are fed diary products, meats and eggs that are fed hormones, they can physically develop earlier than normal. An excess of hormones can also be the root cause for erratic behavior and emotional outbursts. Antibiotics fed to chickens, cows and other animals are also passed on to humans and can contribute to the antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria found more prevalent today. The bioengineered bovine growth hormone (BGH) is also an issue that scientific experts suspect is related to the rise in certain cancers.

There are increasing numbers of children and adults diagnosed with celiac disease. Due to the increased consumption of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), used in nearly every grain product unless it specifically states “No GMOs” on the label, I question if this might not be the root cause of many stomach aches and many other symptoms. Genetically modified grains are altered grains that can create an allergic reaction and cause mucous in the bowel (again, an adaptation response of the body to create mucous as a transport to remove the foreign substance from the bowel). Mucous in the bowel also impedes the absorption of nutrients causing the child to become malnourished in spite of eating, therefore often hungry and eating the wrong foods between meals to try to abate the hunger.

There are so many issues to consider, but the importance of these paragraphs is to outline the role of these offenders and imbalances that result which disrupt the integrity of the cell, reducing the body’s natural immune response to invasion and to disease.

Some quick suggestions:

  • If your child experiences repeated ear infections, refrain from the use of dairy products versus resorting to more or stronger antibiotics, or the invasive use of ear tubes.
  • Be certain that your child is getting sufficient sleep, and periods of rest to balance their busy, and too often, over stimulated lives. Fatigue is the leading cause of lowered resistance in children and adults.
  • Be sure you child is getting a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, a variety of wholesome grains, and foods with a lot of color for interest, but more importantly, for antioxidants.
  • Choose foods that are not processed, without food coloring, without preservatives, hormones, pesticides, trans-fats, MSG, aspartame and other sugar substitutes.
  • Avoid toothpaste, water, mouthwashes, and even bottled water that contains fluoride. Fluoride is a toxic substance that can discolor the teeth and can negatively effect bones and nerves.
  • Teach your children to wash their hands OFTEN!
  • Teach your children to sneeze into their bent, inner arm versus their hands so the secretion is more contained and germs are not spread then from their hand to others.
  • Teach your child, however, to cover their mouth when coughing.
  • Always demonstrate these actions to your children and use them yourself….be a good role-model! Set good examples….without exception!
  • Drinking sufficient water, not soda, but WATER is so important to the health of the cells, and replaces the moisture lost from coughing or sneezing. This is, of course, even more critical if a fever is present. Being hydrated is important to the natural formation and elimination of mucous and supporting the flow of mucous in the membranes. Consuming vitamin c “juice”,  and diluted healthy juices also helps with maintaining hydration.
  • Being prepared by having the right products and remedies on hand before your child gets sick allows you address the early signs of imbalance or compromised immunity, assuring a greater chance of restoring health more quickly and with less complication of symptoms.
  • ALWAYS pay particular attention to the appropriate amount of homeopathic, herbal or other preparation relative to the child’s age and weight. ALWAYS call a reliable practitioner or natural medicine herbalist for dosing advice (or a pharmacist if you are using pharmaceutical products).
  • A recommend herbal product to boost the immune system and keep it healthy is “Yerba Monster.”
  • Homeopathics useful at the onset of viruses or bacterial infections include “Bacteria-Fuge” and “Viral-Fuge.”
  • Homeopathics and herbal tinctures generally have an alcohol base which can be dissipated by placing drops into a cup (or less) of recently boiled water. Adding glycerine, which is sweet, to alcohol based products improves the taste for children, but maintains the effectiveness. Tinctures can also be placed in a spray bottle to make taking them more fun and appealing to young children.
  • Eucalyptus essential oil is helpful in the humidifier or in a sink or large bowl of hot water to inhale with a towel over the head so the vapors are easily inhaled.
  • An herbal tincture of Gentian Bitters, natural ginger tea or a natural ginger ale, a ginger herbal tincture or peppermint tea helps with an upset stomach.
  • Sweetening tea with honey should only be used with children over 1 year of age due to potential allergies. Honey produced in the location relative to where you live will also have reduced potential for producing allergies.
  • A bath in Epsom salts (caution amount for size of youngster) or baking soda helps to comfort and relieve toxins from the body, but be certain to re-hydrate the body often, and especially if a fever is present.

We all think we should have a magic pill at our access so we can wake up in the morning symptom free so we can go right back to work, or not miss any school. The truth of the matter is that REST is the number one way to allow the body to HEAL! What a wonderful example to set for your child…drink plenty of liquids and rest. Keep your kids home if they are contagious or running a fever and let them recover! You are not serving their immune system in the long run to dishonor their body’s need for real healing the natural way it is designed to heal.

Yes, there may be times we may need the intervention of pharmaceutical products for serious complications, but by empowering yourself and your child with the wisdom available to us through all the centuries of applying common sense and natural resources, we can be ready and feel confident in responsibly addressing our children’s health needs.


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