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Inflammation is something that is common in many forms and affecting nearly everyone at some point. Inflammation is a normal body response in protecting itself from further tissue irritation or injury, and is a critical aspect to the body’s healing process. Any time you hear a word with the suffix “-itis” its meaning is inflammation; tonsillitis (inflammation of the tonsils), bursitis, arthritis, colitis, meningitis and so on. The condition includes a reddening of tissue, sometimes swelling, heat, and loss of function, and all are signs that the afflicted area is being contained so repair can begin. Inflammation can become chronic and persistent, but if the immune system is functioning well, it is able to respond on and off several times a day as a self-regulating system.

Some project that the root of all diseases process may be due to inflammation. Western medicine doesn’t know why the self-regulating system fails, or what causes chronic inflammation to persist, but it is known that hormones called eicosanoids regulate the inflammation response and can reduce pain while enhancing immune function. These hormones are not produced by glands, but can be produced by every cell in the body. Drugs used to interrupt the inflammatory cycle help temporarily but are not effective in addressing the core cause, and most often create an upset stomach or ulcers—at the very least.

The important role that the BodyScan plays is to indicate what is at the root of the problem creating the inflammatory response in the first place. Some specifics which can contribute to “-itis” conditions include being too acid, needing a higher ratio of fish oil in your diet, the presence of bacterial or viral infections, an excess of high glycemic-index foods increasing insulin levels and encouraging inflammation, food allergies, and a deficiency of antioxidants from fresh vegetables. Environmental toxins, synthetic chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and other exposures can also be identified at the root of an inflammatory process.

Stress, physical trauma, exhausted adrenals and inadequate rest contribute to an insufficient immune system needed to appropriately support the self-regulating, self-healing body. Physical activity also assists the body on many levels to offset inflammation. The BodyScan not only identifies any of the above excesses and deficiencies, but also prioritizes exactly which homeopathics the body needs to eliminate the problem at its core and helping the body to repair itself.


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