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Homeopathy, The Art of Healing

Excerpts taken from writing by Dr. Andre Saine D.C., N.D.,

Homeopathy is a scientific method of treatment that is the medicine of choice to recover one’s health from the great majority of acute and chronic problems. Samuel Hahnemann, A German physician who lived between 1755-1843, pursued this philosophical and scientific system of therapeutics, and after perfecting this therapeutic method, named it homeopathy to mean that “in crude dose” the remedy given a healthy person would produce symptoms similar to those of the disease needing to be overcome in a person who was ill. Dr. Hahnemann, unable to heal his very ill daughter by conventional means, was seeking any other possible treatment to save her life when he began his experiments and discovery of healing through the “law of similars.”

Remedies used by homeopathic physicians come from natural sources, devoid of all chemical toxicity. Homeopathic treatment, in the majority of cases, directly targets the fundamental cause of the disease. Disease is a state of imbalance resulting from the combination of several factors: general predisposition as in heredity, environment and factors of stress, and lifestyle and mental health.

Homeopathy does not treat disease, but the person who is sick. Whether a chronic or acute disease, all of their symptoms, physical, mental, emotional, form a whole representing a state of imbalance very specific to the individual. The goal is to identify the pattern of disturbed energy and identify among a great number of remedies available the most similar to the patient’s individual needs. (The BodyScan explicitly performs the function of identifying the imbalance, as well as naming the specific remedies the body has chosen to initiate “balance” and healing.)

Homeopathy is a 200-year-old system of medicine used successfully by over 100 million people worldwide. Eighty-five percent of the remedies are made from plant based ingredients.

“…a medicine that not only displays more common sense by its respect for the whole person, but which is also more efficient in restoring health to the sick since it optimizes the extraordinary innate self-healing powers of the organism.”

The client will not be told that they are to discontinue any current prescription use. The remedies are compatible with prescriptions so long as the prescription does not contain as ingredient a plant constituent that is also present in the homeopathic, which is usually only possible with the taking of herbal tinctures.


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