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Coconut Oil

A client recently emailed the attached link to me regarding coconut oil. In the last couple of years I have read more about the benefits. Initially I balked at using a product with the same appearance and consistency as my mother’s hydrogenated shortening. More recently I began using virgin, pure coconut oil in capsules. I admit that my immune system has been stronger and my energy more long-lasting than before I began taking this product. There are a lot of claims in the video—a natural antibiotic, anti-viral, fending against Parkinson’s, ALS, Epilepsy, Dementia, Schizophrenia and Autism. Like the questions posed at the end—what if?  What if there was a cure? What if something as available and easy to consume as coconut oil could deter a disease like dementia and even Alzheimer’s for a growing number of baby-boomers joining the ranks of seniors?

At the very least, it is reported to raise HDL—the good cholesterol. If you are interested in Omega Nutrition Coconut products, let me know. These are non-hydrogenated, organic and pure. Available in solid 16 or 32 oz. or Capsules—at very reasonable rates.

Coconut oil — watch to the end – A Real Eye Opener!


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