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Colds and Flu

Is there any accident that there has become larger numbers of people with colds or flu in the last two weeks? The stress of the holidays, mixed with more sugar, carbs and alcohol, creates a pH in the body the lowers the immune defense system. An immune environment that is acidic is one that cannot support antibodies or the white blood cells which can destroy infectious microbes. In parts of the country where very cold weather kept many indoors, the warmth promoted the sharing of germs. Typical holiday shopping and parties further compounds the potential for exposure—shaking hands, proximity to someone coughing, sharing serving utensils, contact with charge card stylus in stores previously used by dozens of others. It becomes a challenge to be social and remain healthy!
Although different viruses promote various systems, both the cold and the flu are respiratory illnesses. “Toolbox” items that I always recommend having on hand include Pulmo to support the lungs, Mucouslysis to keep the mucous thin so infection is less apt to happen, Bacteria Fuge, Viral Fuge and Endoxinol. DART is a fast acting product with a proprietary Elderberry Extract that can eliminate a sore throat with one lozenge if taken at the very onset of symptoms. Reishi-Maitake Formula acts as a preventative when taken either every day or every other day to boost the body’s immune system.
Doctors are begging people to stay home if they experience symptoms of the cold or flu. The idea that someone is no longer contagious because they just began an antibiotic is not factual. A virus can be contagious 24 hours before symptoms develop, and they can still be contagious up to a week after the onset of symptoms.
• Parents need to keep children home who are sick, and stay home themselves if ill.
• There is no substitute for rest, liquids and good nutrition.
• There is NO exception to the rule: Cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing!
• Vigorously washing hands with soap for 20-30 seconds reduces the ability for a virus to become infectious.
• You can “catch” a cold or virus from a cough or sneeze from 6 feet away!
• Viruses can survive on door knobs, counter tops, faucet handles, credit card stylus and buttons, serving utensils for 2-8 hours or more!
• Avoid touching your face.
• Stay away from crowded environments if you are coming down with something; and stay away from crowded environments if your immune system is compromised and you get sick easily.
• Some will argue that exercise helps to build antibodies and keep you feeling healthier. A good rule to follow is if signs and symptoms exist below the neck (muscle aches, coughing, upset stomach, or fever) then it is time to pass on the exercise and let your body rest and recover.
• Take a hot bath with Epsom salts in the water, then rehydrate with water that has minerals or electrolytes added.

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