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The Liver: Essential to Entire Body

The liver is one of the most essential organs in the body–where poisons get detoxified, where fats are converted into energy or prepared for storage, where proteins and other nutrients are transformed into usable form, where hormones are broken down for use, and where bile is produced to be stored in the gall bladder ready to break down fat globules.

Those suffering from liver problems can suffer from:

*acne and other skin problems, *low energy, *low metabolism, *low appetite, *poor digestion, *inability to digest fats, which may show up as nausea or light-colored stools, or constipation, *pain between the shoulder blades, especially on your right side, *low sexual potency, *fatigue, *difficulty sleeping, or waking between 1-3 AM, *perhaps headaches, especially ones that begin in the neck/shoulder area and travel up the side of your head around your ear and into your eye, *anger and irritability, *multiple allergies and sensitivities to chemicals, odors, foods and more, *eye problems, *brain fog, craving sweets or alcohol, *hormone imbalance, *a sluggish thyroid resulting in chronic fatigue, *and an unproductive thymus which leaves your immune system at risk…..and much more! The liver cleanses the blood from toxins and is related to over 500 functions in your body. Also, beets are important in the diet to help support liver functions.


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