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At The Root Of Your Symptoms

Did you know that individuals today may have over five hundred different insecticides, pesticides and herbicides in their cells? Petrochemical, vinyl, plastic toxins and many other new substances may result in our highly adaptive bodies becoming highly stressed and unbalanced. Today, many people have some type of inherited nutritional imbalance. Stress, pathogens, trauma and toxicity present a complex set of variables combining to cause disease. Many of our diseases are not the result of just one factor, but are often a dysfunction of the body as the result of multiple variables stressing the whole body.

An imbalance at any level, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, that impedes the natural flow of the body will compromise to some degree the quality of one’s health. This will sooner or later lead to a change in physiology and possibly some form of illness. The BodyScan allows us to detect such imbalances, often before they appear as a physical illness. This ability to recognize imbalances at a “sub-clinical” level provides an ideal opportunity for preventative health care.

Information From Your Cells

The BodyScan tests on a cellular basis, measuring the resonance response throughout the body. Testing each substance is like throwing a rock into a pond and measuring the amplitude and wave response to each rock with sensors around the shoreline. The BodyScan is a completely safe, non-invasive, accurate, painless biofeedback procedure for health evaluation providing indication and therapy. The system allows testing from over 9,000 substances in 52 categories which include chemicals, bacteria, parasites, pesticides, viruses, metabolism, hormones, enzymes, lipids, dental materials, foods and other allergens.

The reaction of each substance tested paints a blueprint of energy demands, excesses and deficiencies, for specific organs, systems, and cell functions within the body. After monitoring the response to electrical impulses, energy demands are determined to assist in establishing an individual, customized homeopathy remedy.


Homeopathy is a scientific system of health care that activates the body’s own healing processes, allowing the body to heal naturally, gently and promptly. Homeopathy is taking a minute dose of substance from mature, whether plant, mineral or animal, to activate the body’s innate intelligence to initiate the healing response. Homeopathic formulas cannot harm the body, and they are compatible with nutritional supplements, herbs, and medicines.

Specific To Your Body’s Needs

Bioenergetic testing identifies the excesses in the body that are toxic and damaging, and identifies areas in which the body is in need of support to maintain health, and a healthy immunity against cellular degeneration. Signals or symptoms are your body’s means of communicating distress! Every disease or illness begins without a sign or symptom until the disease reaches an organ or tissue. By the time symptoms arise, a great deal of damage may have occurred. Before you reach the point of needing any kind of diagnosis, or ever needing diseased tissue removed surgically, you can monitor what the cells of the body are doing with a Bioenergetic evaluation.


Changes to improve the health and integrity of your cells can be made now to restore the production of healthy cellular replication. Research has proven that caring for the health of the cells ensures a preventative approach to maintain good health. Who wouldn’t want to prolong a healthy life, and avoid premature aging by taking care of their cells now!

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