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Judith Haynes

Over 16 years ago, during a routine gall bladder test, I received a double dose of radioactive dye in my arm when the technician missed my vein the first time. Within days of the gall bladder test my mental and physical health took a nose-dive. I could read one paragraph twelve times and not know what I had read. I couldn’t work. I was depressed, but had never before known depression in my life. After months of physician visits, the root of the problem was still elusive.

When a friend recommended a new type of test I was skeptical. I had given up hope of ever restoring my health.

The quick, non-intrusive BodyScan tested for hundreds of substances within minutes, and revealed the culprit of all the substances tested –radiation.  I walked out of that office with a homeopathic bottle labeled Radiation, and within two weeks, my mental and physical health began to turn around.

I graduated from training for this science and have been testing and helping clients  for the past 16 years. I  know of no other non-intrusive modality that reveals such a unique window into the body as the BodyScan is capable of performing. This science has actually eliminated the guesswork in specific medical cases, and it expedites an effective protocol for those clients who are frustrated because they have tried everything else without success.

I have experienced the benefits of Bioenergetic testing first hand over all these years, and I have observed its beneficial results on family, friends, and clients. I am living proof that this incredible evaluation, coupled with its custom homeopathic remedies, is truly an effective healing system…for it actually saved my life.


Doctor of Natural Medicine
Certified Bioengergetic Practitioner
Member, Colorado Center for Hospice and Palliative Care
Member, Association of Death Education and Counseling
Master Herbalist
Certified Acutherapist
Member of the National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals
Member The American Association of Nutritional Consultants
Certified CranioSacral Therapy Practitioner
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Certified RIM Practitioner
Certified Theta Healing Practitioner
Certified Reconnection Practitioner

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