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“Through working with Judith, I have been able to seamlessly shift from the Menopausal Medical Model, which included synthetic hormones and Fossamax to a place of physical balance and emotional calm through the use of homeopathics. Judith’s tenacity in terms of balancing all aspects of one’s being is inspirational and I am deeply grateful to have found her.”
C. F.


“I have struggled with depression for 15 years. I have tried numerous prescription and non-prescription medications to treat the depression symptoms, as well as self-medication with caffeine. After seeing Judith and beginning the naturopathic remedies the depression symptoms lifted quickly. A feeling of heaviness and dread were gone. I have stopped drinking coffee and taking any other medication for depression. My immune system is also much stronger. My body is now able to fight off illness that my family and friends succumb to. Bottom line – at age 45 I feel better than I have since I was 20!”

“I couldn’t live with my health problems any more. I felt hopeless. I prayed to be guided to the right person who could help me and I was guided to you. Thank you isn’t enough to express my gratitude. Now that I’m getting well I can live life, instead of merely trying to survive and make it through the day. I’m so happy to have met you. Bless you.”


“My son has had asthma for approximately 3 years. Just recently – the beginning of the school year, he has had to use his inhaler every day after every recess. Within a 24 hour period of using the lung remedy he hasn’t had to use his inhaler since!”


“Judith! The doctor’s office called today with my lab results….my thyroid levels are NORMAL!!! Yeeehaw!!! You did in less than 4 months what traditional western medicine didn’t do in nearly two years!”


“My son has been a bed-wetter – mostly every night. Within 2 weeks of using a homeopathic kidney support, he has had only one accident!”

Heart and Lung Irregularity

“Judith, I continue to do well. The remedy for my lungs has me breathing so much better. I can feel air going into my lower lungs without any added effort. I got more exciting news from my acupuncturist this week. He said my heart pulse is much stronger. He said I’m doing much better. Thanks you for the heart and lung support. I’ll be talking to you soon.”
C. K.

“I’ve had to go on the antibiotics again for my lungs, but I wasn’t able to get over my infection until I began the homeopathics for bacteria and viruses. It was after starting those supplements that I was able to finally get relief.”

Encouragement and Empowerment

“Judith is easily accessible for consultations after you start your program. She is a dedicated and caring individual and will spend a great deal of time fine-tuning things to work to your higher good. Best of all, she encourages to be an active participant in your process of becoming a healthier, happier person.”

“I’ve always been fairly sensitive to my body – such that many doctors have told me nothing’s wrong – it’s all in my head! Kind of gives one a complex! So it’s been nice to have Judith supporting my sensitivity in a positive way, giving me confidence in my ability to know my body better, and ways to support it in healing.”
N. R.

“You, know, Judith, I had the absolute best weekend I’ve had in 3 or 4 months! ALL of these remedies have to be helping. I do feel better! Thanks for your help, patience and guidance.”

Energy and Weight Loss

“Judith’s tests are quick and non-invasive. When completed, they give a world of knowledge about your body and its needs. The homeopathics are designed specifically for you. They aren’t a quick fix with a lot of side effects. They gently nudge your body back into balance.It’s been nice to have Judith supporting me in a positive way, giving me confidence in my ability to know my body better and learn ways to assist it in healing. I didn’t realize just how close to ‘collapse’ I was until I started feeling better. My energy began to increase in about 36 hours! I had less puffiness in my body. I only dropped 3 pounds so far, but my clothes fit like I have lost 6 or 7 pounds!”

“It’s Monday. I have been on the remedies for just 4 days, and have noticed significant changes and improvements! First, after our appointment, I ran errands and got home around 2 pm. My normal routine for a day off would be to lay down and nap for 1-2 hours. Instead, I took my first dose of remedy. Instead of napping, I worked around the house till almost 10 that night. I was not hyper at all, just motivated with energy! WOW, and all this after just 4 days! I am managing all the remedies well and have no side effects. Look forward to meeting on our next visit to review my progress. Thanks so much for your personal attention and concern for my overall health!”

4 months later, D.J. writes…..

“Judith, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you so much for your help and support over the past 4 months. I came to you at the insistence of several friends that had experienced positive results through your practice. When I came to you, I was on allergy medicine and still having issues. I was not sleeping well, and I was tired all the time. I flew through my first treatment, which by the way, allowed me to feel well enough that I was able to discontinue my allergy medicine – which I had taken my whole life. I also found an entire new energy level that allowed me to do more and feel better. Through subsequent visits I have continued to improve, I have lost over 25 pounds in the process, which I attribute to over all better health and the ability to manage my daily tasks and environment without the level of stress and exhaustion that I previously had. Thank you so much for giving me back my health and my life! Rarely a day goes by that I don’t brag about how good I feel and talk to somebody about the wonderful benefits of the natural approach to good health.”


“The tree pollen has started. Please send me some relief for allergies and sinuses like you did last year. It really keeps me out of trouble.”

“I have not taken any allergy meds, or specifically any over the counter quick fixes since I left your office 4 days ago. The mucous draining remedy has opened up my breathing and given me great relief from my stuffy and congested nasal passages.”

Sleep and Pain

“I’m sleeping better than I have in hears. I’m no longer missing work due to illness and back pain. I won’t be needing a physical therapist, cortisone shots, or surgery for the shoulder pain that I was experiencing. I feel like I have a second chance at living a healthier life!”

After Chemotherapy

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had one session of chemo therapy and lost my hair. “WOW” What a big difference Judith has made in my life. I was suffering with insomnia, fatigue, headaches and digestive problems. I had severe skin problems due to an adverse reaction to the chemo. Since I have been seeing Judith I have more energy, I sleep at night and no longer get headaches. My digestive problems are going away and I am losing weight. Judith gave me a homeopathic to help my hair grow back and it has grown back fast and thick! I thank God for Judith’s help.”

Healing for Pets

“Pumba, our 9 year old cat, was throwing up 4 to 6 times a week since our move. There is new carpeting and the walls were recently painted in our new home. Judith tested for Pumba and made a customized homeopathic from the test results. Within 10 days of being on the remedy he is more alert to everything. His coat is shiny and not matted. He completely stopped throwing up. He is now more playful, more vocal and his eyes are clear. It’s like Judith brought him back to life!”


Doctor of Natural Medicine
Certified Bioengergetic Practitioner
Member, Colorado Center for Hospice and Palliative Care
Member, Association of Death Education and Counseling
Master Herbalist
Certified Acutherapist
Member of the National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals
Member The American Association of Nutritional Consultants
Certified CranioSacral Therapy Practitioner
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Certified RIM Practitioner
Certified Theta Healing Practitioner
Certified Reconnection Practitioner

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